Legutko: The ECR will stand by Ukraine until Russia is defeated and beyond

The ECR Group in the European Parliament expressed its unwavering solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its support for Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity for as long as necessary and beyond.

Commenting on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech in the European Parliament, which was enthusiastically received by MEPs, ECR Chairman Prof Ryszard Legutko said:

“The ECR will stand by Ukraine until Russia is defeated and beyond. The European Union must ensure that Ukraine emerges victorious from this war - and that Russia pays the price for no longer being able or willing to repeat such an appalling act.

“In solidarity with Ukraine, we must ensure that its soldiers receive the most modern equipment.

“Those who planned and enabled the terrible war of aggression, including Vladimir Putin and people close to him, must receive their just punishment. We must develop the mechanism to seize the assets of this warmongering elite and use Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine - in addition to the reparations Russia must pay.

“And finally, we must tighten existing sanctions against Russia and add new ones as long as it does not withdraw all its forces from the internationally recognised territory of Ukraine.”

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