MEPs ask to exclude Russia from Interpol

The European Union wants to strengthen its cooperation with Interpol in fighting terrorism. In this sense, the European Parliament adopted today a recommendation to the Commission by ECR Rapporteur Jadwiga Wiśniewska (Poland).

According to the recommendation, improving the exchange of data between the Member States is of paramount importance. Parliamentarians also call on Interpol to exclude Russia from Interpol’s data system and to guarantee data protection vis-à-vis third countries.

“Terrorism and organized crime are transnational, global phenomena, characterized by extremely dangerous dynamics. They use the most recent achievements of modern technology and digitization, and they require the EU to give an uncompromising response as well as a more effective and coordinated cooperation with international law enforcement agencies such as Interpol”, Ms Wiśniewska commented.

Ms Wiśniewska continued:

“Our key recommendations include granting EU agencies - Europol, EPPO, Eurojust and Frontex - access to Interpol databases and guarantees in compliance with European data protection regulations when transferring data.

“The most important recommendation is to exclude Russia from Interpol and its databases. There is evidence of clear and repeated violations of international law by Russia, including the most terrible war crimes committed against Ukrainian civilians. There is no other way than to exclude the Russian Federation from this organisation as the country has lost its international credibility and the relationship of trust that is necessary for international cooperation has been completely destroyed.”

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