MEPs call for more efficient action against online piracy

The European Parliament wants the EU commission to take action to protect online-streamed sporting events from online piracy. Illegal streaming is a growing phenomenon that threatens the business model of online-streamed events and exposes end-users to malware and data theft.

In an own initiative report presented by ECR rapporteur Angel Dzhambazki, MEPs are calling for concrete measures that are specific to live sports event broadcasts.

Speaking after the adoption, Mr Dzhambazki said:

“The main problem for the sports events organisers is the online piracy related to the events, which are live-streamed and whose economic value consists of the live broadcasting. Usually, the problem with current enforcement measures is that enforcement takes place too late: measures, such as notification, removal mechanisms and injunctions take a relatively long time, and the actual removal or blocking of access to content comes too late.

“It is important to stress that the liability for the illegal broadcasting of sports events rests with the providers of streams and platforms and not with fans and consumers, who often unintentionally come across illegal online content and should be further informed on the legal options available.”

To date, EU law does not provide for a specific right for sports events organisers.

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