NATO summit: France misjudging importance of Transatlantic alliance

ECR Group Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Anna Fotyga, has accused France of repeating previous mistakes by attempting to soften Europe's stance on Russia.

Fotyga was speaking ahead of this week’s NATO summit in London, where Heads of State will meet and provide strategic guidance on the Alliance’s future activities as it marks its 70th anniversary. She said:

“This is not the first time France has misjudged the value of maintaining the transatlantic alliance. To repeat the same mistake would severely undermine Euro-Atlantic security at a time when unity is needed more than ever. Unfortunately, to call for closer dialogue with Russia and pretend that Putin governs a normal democratic state, is another ‘strategic error’ from Paris.

“NATO is the most successful alliance in modern history, and I am sure it will remain as such well into the 21st century. The Alliance not only adjusts itself to adapt to emerging challenges, but also successfully cultivates a Europe whole, free and at peace via. its enlargement policy. This makes it an effective security guarantor, assisting in stabilization and modernization, advancing conditions for prosperity for the hundreds of millions living under NATO’s umbrella.

“This is the foundation of the Alliance, and Europe has benefited tremendously from it which is why we must, contrary to Macron’s advice, further strengthen transatlantic ties. The United States is not ‘turning its back on us’ but in fact is doubling down on supporting us, today we have over 70 thousand American soldiers on European soil. In my region alone, Central and Eastern Europe, we feel this presence and it makes us more secure. Macron’s words – are contrary to the facts on the ground.”

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