New disputes framework will boost trade and help consumers

Conservative MEPs today welcomed new measures approved by the European Parliament to create a simple, speedy and inexpensive framework for solving disputes over online sales and trade across the EU

Conservative MEPs today welcomed new measures approved by the European Parliament to create a simple, speedy and inexpensive framework for solving disputes over online sales and trade across the EU.

Ashley Fox MEP was lead Conservative negotiator for the legislation on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and successfully proposed many amendments to improve the package. He is happy that successful existing national schemes will be respected and that the raft or measures will be an overall boost to trade as well as to consumer confidence.

The South West MEP told the Parliament, sitting in Strasbourg, that systems such as the UK’s highy-effective Financial Services scheme, would not be endangered.

He said: “Indeed, the ADR directive and the ODR regulation will complement such schemes, not replace them.

“Procedural rules have been made flexible to respect existing systems and member states have more discretion on implementation.”

“ADR offers a low-cost alternative to formal legal action for both traders and consumers alike. It is an efficient way of resolving disputes and I hope coverage across the EU will increase rapidly.”

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