New EU directive on energy performance of buildings too burdensome

The ECR Group has come out strongly against the new directive on the energy performance of buildings, adopted today by the European Parliament with a majority of 399 votes in favour and 170 against.

The targets are too ambitious and lose sight of the real objective of saving energy, said ECR shadow rapporteur Ladislav Ilčić: “There is a confusion of priorities. The focus is exclusively on reducing greenhouse gases and not at all on saving energy for the benefit of all citizens, in an affordable manner. For example, the report wants to remove incentives for gas boilers from next year and remove them completely by 2040, as if a gas boiler is not much better than a coal stove.”

Mr Ilčić continued:

“A single grandmother in the countryside who heats with wood from her own forest will be forced to install a heat pump and solar panels. Is that realistic?

“Instead of encouraging improvements here, which will always depend on people’s financial means, this report only prescribes the highest standards, which are terribly expensive.

“This could have been an excellent report as people are already motivated by high energy prices to look for more energy efficient solutions for their homes and buildings. Unfortunately, citizens are not seen as partners, but as enemies who must be forced to comply”.

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