New Euro 7 emission standards are a significant milestone for the automotive sector and industry

ECR Rapporteur Alexandr Vondra has described the new Euro 7 emissions standards as a "significant milestone for the automotive sector and industry, which has long been a cornerstone of innovation and economic prosperity in the EU."

A majority in Parliament mainly made up of ECR, EPP and Renew MEPs managed to defuse the Commission’s original draft, which would have meant the de facto end of the internal combustion engine, during the committee phase and trialogue negotiations. “Our main concern is the potential impact on both the industry and consumers”, said Vondra during today’s plenary debate. “The Commission’s originally proposed changes would have significantly increased the manufacturing costs for small engine cars, which are essential for rural communities. Higher prices that would remove these car models from the market and trigger a chain reaction discouraging consumers from buying cars. Indeed, this could have lead consumers to opt for second-hand vehicles instead of electric cars, thereby reducing investment in electrification.”

Instead, the already very stringent Euro 6 emissions standards will now be maintained, while new standards will be introduced for pollutant emissions from buses and lorries, as well as for brake and tyre and standards for the minimum lifetime of electric vehicle batteries. The tightening of testing requirements has also been dropped, avoiding costly and disproportionate measures that would burden the automotive sector.

Vondra considers the agreement to be a fair compromise that skilfully balances environmental objectives and manufacturers’ interests, thus protecting the European automotive industry and the well-being of citizens.

“It was crucial to strike a balance between environmental, social and industrial interests,” said Vondra. “I believe that the institutional agreement we have reached is a triumph of common sense over environmental ideology.”

The file was adopted with 297 votes in favour, 190 against and 37 abstentions.

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