New Italian MEP admitted to the ECR Group

The ECR Group have today welcomed a new Italian member, Innocenzo Leontini, who has left the EPP Group in order to join us. He will sit in the same delegation as the ECR Group’s three other MEPs, Raffaele Fitto, Remo Sernagiotto and Stefano Maullu.

Speaking after the decision was taken, ECR Group co-Chair Ryszard Legutko said:

’‘We are delighted to welcome Innocenzo Leontini into the ECR Group. He joins a group that is moving positively towards the future as we continue to push for a return of common sense in Brussels and for an EU that does less, but does it better.”

Speaking after the announcement, Leontini said:

“I greatly appreciate the warm welcome I have received from the ECR Group and I look forward to working with them for a reformed EU that works in the interest of all its Member States and their citizens.”

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