Russian leadership responsible for war of aggression cannot escape justice

The ECR Group strongly supports the proposal adopted today by the European Parliament to set up an international tribunal to punish those responsible for the criminal war of aggression against Ukraine.

Anna Fotyga, ECR Foreign Policy Coordinator, calls for a heightened focus on the supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine, while working on bringing to justice the Russian leadership responsible for the criminal war of aggression, crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. According to the MEP, the European Parliament has agreed that there must be a legal framework to ensure justice is delivered and to prevent wars of aggression from ever happening again on the European continent.

In the plenary debate, Anna Fotyga stated:

“I am firm and quite sure. First: Arms and ammunition must be delivered to Ukraine to enable it to achieve full victory over the terrible aggressor, the Russian Federation. Simultaneously, we must ensure that all perpetrators are brought to justice. All crimes – war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, but also the crime of aggression. From the very beginning we have called this invasion a war of aggression”.

Russia is blocking all decisions that may bring it to justice for its war of aggression under international law. MEPs therefore call for an international agreement to set up a tribunal between like-minded states with the support of the United Nations General Assembly.

The special tribunal would deal with Russian leaders, politicians and military commanders at the highest levels of power – and put them on trial for aggression against Ukraine and war crimes against the Ukrainian people.

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