Screening of movie ‘General Nil’ in the European Parliament

MEP Marek Migalski will this week hold a screening of a movie called “General Nil”.

MEP Marek Migalski will this week hold a screening of a movie called “General Nil” based on the life of general Emil August Fieldorf, pseudonym “Nil” who was a Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Home Army (AK), after the failure of the Warsaw Uprising in January 1945.

It is a story of a great Polish patriot and an excellent commander who led the most important actions in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. His actions were not appreciated by the communist regime of Poland and finally in 1953 General Nil was executed. It wasn’t until March 1989 when he was fully rehabilitated.
By this screening we hope to promote Polish history, often unknown outside the borders of our country.

An additional advantage of the event in will be a lecture by the director Ryszard Bugajski. After the screening you are invited to a small cocktail party where the director will be happy to answer your questions and explain more about the movie.

Screening: Tuesday 9th July @ 18.30 PHS7C050

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