The ECR Group has strategically decided to vote through the Parliaments’ position on CAP reform

The Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament has strategically voted in favour for the Common Agricultural Policy Reform. After a week of partial voting sessions, the Parliament will today decide on the referral of the mandate back to the agriculture committee responsible for intra-institutional negotiations.

ECR Shadow Bert-Jan Ruissen comments: “We shall start negotiations with the Council without further delay. The Parliaments’ position is far from perfect, but in the interest of our farmers, food security and the planet we shall work for balanced outcomes together with the Council. Simplification must be the key priority during the negotiations and we will watch this very closely.”

The ECR Group successfully advocated in favour of flexibility for Member States to tailor the policy to local conditions. The possibilities to boost the uptake of innovative methods such as precision farming are highly welcomed for a sustainable management of natural resources.

The ECR Group will, however strongly stand against any pressure to take out fertile farmland from food production.

Mr Ruissen added:

“The viability of farming in Europe shall never be put at risk. Even recently, the COVID-pandemic has taught us that the EU simply cannot afford to undermine its crucial food production. We must prevent that our food production gradually moves to third countries, outside of Europe because of the level playing field, and for this end, farmers need to remain at the heart of the policy.”

The Results of the vote will be announced at 5 pm today.

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