The ECR Group is the true home of conservative values and Eurorealism in the European Parliament

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) in the European Parliament express their sympathies with the Hungarian MEPs who have lost their political home in the European People’s Party (EPP) this week. In the opinion of ECR Co-Chairmen Prof Ryszard Legutko and Raffaele Fitto, the EPP had already moved further and further to the left in recent years and has now completely ceased to be a Christian Democratic force.

Prof Ryszard Legutko and Raffaele Fitto stated:

“The ECR Group is the true home of conservative values and Eurorealism. It was established as a constructive force to reform the EU to function better; not to tear European peoples apart from each other, but to build bridges, bringing them together by accepting and respecting their peculiarities.

“Our values champion the family as the bedrock of society, the sovereign integrity of the nation state, opposition to EU federalism, and a renewed respect for true subsidiarity, as well as freedom of the individual, and greater democratic accountability. We also want effectively controlled immigration and to put an end to the abuse of asylum procedures.

“We have always been open to those who share our values and who consider the ECR Group as a possible political home.”

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