Democracy in Belarus must be restored

The European Union must not tolerate the massive crackdown on and violent suppression of peaceful protests by the Belarusian government. Democracy in Belarus must be restored with free elections, including the attendance of international observers.

In a meeting of the foreign affairs committee in the European Parliament, Polish ECR MEP Saryusz-Wolski has called on the EU to consider sanctions on Russia as well as Belarus for their interference and support to Lukashenko’s embattled regime. Saryusz-Wolski said: “The EU must prevent Russia from intervening in the democratic processes of sovereign states by counteracting their current hybrid interference. The Belarusian regime won’t stay in power without Russian support. We need to neutralise Russian interference by all means. The EU should not only sanction the Belarusian government, but Russia as well.”

ECR Foreign Policy Spokesperson Anna Fotyga MEP added:

“We must stand firm against the falsification of election results. Free and fair elections can only occur in a transparent manner, respecting the rule of law, democracy and fundamental freedoms. Negotiations must take place immediately, leading to truly free elections in Belarus, recognizing the will of the people of Belarus. Political prisoners must be released and violence against the Belarusian people must stop.“

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