The European project can only succeed with a strong NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turns 75 tomorrow. Founded on 4 April 1949 to contain the aggressive expansionist policy of the Soviet Union, NATO is the greatest military political alliance in human history.

For the ECR Group in the European Parliament, the strongest supporter of NATO, this success story is a cause for celebration. The creation of the European Community and later the European Union would not have been possible without the North Atlantic Alliance. With Russia still pursuing an aggressive expansionist policy, the organisation remains vital to Europe’s security and has also become the basis for strong political and economic partnerships across the sea. Its role in safeguarding our civilisation continues to be shared by a growing number of Allies and Partners.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s anniversary, MEP Anna Fotyga, ECR Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and former member of the NATO Reflection Group, said on behalf of the ECR Group:

“NATO, the world’s largest military alliance and an unparalleled shield against aggression, turns 75. We pay tribute to all its leaders, soldiers and servicemen for their service and dedication to safeguarding the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of our peoples, as NATO’s mission is defined in the Washington Treaty.

“The success of the EU would not have been possible without NATO’s shield. The foundation of this shield is the transatlantic bond. We need unity, solidarity and close military cooperation, but also strong economic ties. The EU’s role is to support the Alliance in its unique commitments. The ECR Group rejects any initiatives aimed at weakening NATO and the Transatlantic Alliance.

“A strong Alliance is essential for Europe’s security and prosperity, but also for the stability of our neighbourhood. We should not forget that in December 2021, before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Putin issued an ultimatum to NATO and tried to impose his vision of European security, so familiar in my part of Europe during decades of occupation and oppression. It should be clear to everyone that Russia wants to create spheres of influence and control other countries and nations through coercion, subversion, aggression, and annexation. The 2021 ultimatum says it clearly. It is carrying out this imperial desire, and it will continue to do so until it is decisively defeated. But challenges make our Allies stronger, as demonstrated by the recent enlargement to 32 members and the capacity for further enlargements. I am strongly convinced that the story of NATO will continue to be successful.”

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