The Week Ahead - 11th - 15th February

Next week our MEPs will be in Strasbourg where they will debate the Future of Europe with the Italian Prime Minister and also vote to ratify the EU-Singapore Trade Agreement. New rules to better screen foreign direct investments are also set to be adopted, in addition to votes on reports from ECR MEPs on animal welfare, liberalising coach travel and artificial intelligence. Read on for more details.

Future of Europe debate with Italian Prime Minister On Tuesday afternoon Parliament will continue its series of debates on the Future of Europe with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. ECR MEPs will continue to press the case for an EU that treats all its Member States equally - large or small, and does less but better by focussing core specific issues such as security, migration and competitiveness.

Debate: Tuesday @ 17:00

EU-Singapore Trade Deal
Parliament is expected to give the green light to the EU-Singapore Trade Agreement on Wednesday. ECR Group co-Chair, Syed Kamall, believes the deal is a huge opportunity for businesses which will see the EU eliminate tariffs on all imports from Singapore, who will in turn grant immediate duty-free access for all imports from the EU.

Debate: Tuesday @ 19:00, vote: Wednesday @ 12:00

Ensuring the EU champions responsible AI innovation

Artificial Intelligence is already used across many sectors and will prompt major changes in employment, education and welfare systems in the coming years. A report by the ECR’s UK delegation leader Ashley Fox
stresses the need for the EU to be at the forefront of responsible innovation in this field and calls for the creation of an EU task force to provide technical, ethical and regulatory expertise. It warns against hasty regulation and urges member states to prepare for the impact of AI.

Debate: Monday @ 17:00, vote: Tuesday @ 12.30pm

Boosting competition in the coach sector

Giving consumers greater choice and boosting competition are the key aims of new legislation that aim at further liberalising the coach market in Europe. ECR Latvian MEP Robertz Zile is steering the proposals through parliament that aim to open domestic markets to competition – currently only international journeys are open to new entrants.

Debate: Wednesday @ 18:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Improving animal welfare

A report that reviews the implementation of EU legislation on animal welfare during transport will be voted by the European Parliament on Thursday. ECR Danish MEP Jørn Dohrmann is parliament’s rapporteur on the report which finds that data collection varies wildly between Member States, that there needs to be a stronger link between CAP payments and animal welfare and that the transport of live animals to third countries should be banned if their standards do not match the EU’s as a minimum.

Debate: Thursday @ 9:00, vote @ 12:00

Changing the EU’s motor insurance rules

ECR MEPs will back a report updating the EU’s Motor Insurance Directive to take account of the ECJ’s Vnuk judgement, which ruled that all vehicles require third party insurance whether used on public or private land. In committee ECR MEP Daniel Dalton successfully tabled amendments providing exemptions for motorsport, which would have been caused serious problems by the ruling, particularly in the UK. Low risk vehicles such as electric scooter and segways are also excluded.

Vote: Wednesday @ 17:00

Screening foreign investments

A new mechanism to help better screen foreign direct investments that could pose a threat to sensitive sectors is set to be voted on Thursday. While it is important that the EU remains open to investment, the new system will help Member States better share information on FDI and receive an opinion from the Commission but still leaves any decision on a particular investment in the hands of the country concerned.

Debate: Wednesday @ 18:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Poland’s Solidarity with Europe - Polish Firefighters in

This exhibition showcases the Polish firefighters who assisted in fighting Swedish forest fires last year. The event is hosted by Czeslaw Hoc and will be attended by the firefighters who took part as well as Ministers from the Polish Government.

When: Tuesday after votes

Where: Canal Area, WIC 1st Floor, Strasbourg

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