The week ahead: 11th – 15th June

This week in the European Parliament: UK’s parliament seats should not be redistributed; Respect for Georgian territorial integrity; Future of Europe debate – Mark Rutte; Tackling the ivory trade.

UK’s parliament seats should not be redistributed

The redistribution of the UK’s 73 European seats after Brexit is due to be voted upon by MEPs next week. Following agreement in Council, 27 of the seats will be divided amongst a number of the
remaining Member States with those remaining being left vacant for future EU enlargements or, worryingly, the introduction of transnational electoral lists. The ECR Group do not support the reallocation of the UK’s seats and believe it is a good opportunity to reduce the size and budget of the parliament.

When: AFCO vote, Monday @ 19:30. Plenary vote, Wednesday @ 12:30

Respect for Georgian territorial integrity

At the request of the ECR Group, parliament will debate and vote a resolution which coincides with the ten year anniversary of the outbreak
of the short Russo-Georgian war. The situation today in the region remains incredibly worrying, with the presence of Russian military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia that are in clear breach of the ceasefire agreement. Russian troops are constantly advancing the boundary line deeper into the Georgian territory and the human rights of Georgians
remaining in these occupied territories are continually being violated. ECR MEP Anna Fotyga, chair of parliament’s security and defence
sub-committee, underlines the need for full respect of the territorial integrity of Georgia and non-recognition of the two occupied territories.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Future of Europe debate – Mark Rutte

The series of debates with Member State leaders will continue on Wednesday with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressing the Members of the Parliament in the Plenary. Mr Rutte’s previous calls for ‘’European where necessary, national where possible’, is something which the ECR Group has long promoted. The ECR Group will continue its calls for a fiscally responsible, less centralised EU, which ‘does less but does it better’.

When: Wednesday @ 10:00

Tackling the ivory trade

The Commission is to make a statement on closing the EU ivory market.The ivory trade leads to the poaching of 20,000 elephants a year and contributes significant funds to criminal organisations. ECR MEP Jacqui Foster, Vice-President of the European Parliament’s animal welfare intergroup, has urged the EU to follow the UK’s example and bring forward plans for a near total ban on the sale of ivory products.

Commission statement: Wednesday @ 15:00

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