The Week Ahead - 13th - 17th January

10 January 2020

The Week Ahead - 13th - 17th January

We're back in Strasbourg next week where we will be debating the situation in Iran, the Conference on the Future of the EU and vote on a resolution on the Green Deal. Read on for more details.

Iran and Iraq debate

On Tuesday MEPs will debate the situation in Iran and Iraq following the recent escalation in tensions. We are extremely concerned at Iran’s recent reckless behaviour and attacks, and are calling for an urgent de-escalation to be pursued.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00

European Parliament’s position on the future of the EU

Parliament will outline its position on the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe. The ECR Group believes that the conference must be genuinely open if it is to have any value in the debate on Europe’s future. We are therefore alarmed that the federalist faction within the parliament are attempting to seize control of the conference agenda in order to manipulate it into supporting their objectives and confirming their outdated and out of touch views.

Debate: Wednesday @ 9:00, vote @ 12:30

The Green Deal and a just transition fund

A resolution will be voted on the EU’s Green Deal on Wednesday which was announced by the new Commission in December. The ECR Group have reiterated that the raft of new climate and energy laws must deliver policies that are credible and achievable. We are also sceptical over substantial increases to our recently agreed targets for 2030 and how the goal of climate neutrality in 2050 will be financed. A key priority is therefore the introduction a ‘Just Transition Fund’, which will be debated separately next week, which we believe is essential in properly supporting the energy transition.

Green Deal vote: Wednesday @ 12:30

Just Transition fund debate: Tuesday @ 15:00

Common charger for mobiles?

The Commission will give a statement to MEPs on progress towards achieving an industry standard common charger for mobile phones. Despite voluntary agreements already existing between companies, sufficient progress has not been made leading to an accumulation of old chargers causing substantial unnecessary electrical waste each year. The ECR will look to avoid dictating one approach, which would be at the expense of innovation and invention, while still achieving meaningful reductions in waste.

Debate: Monday @ 17:00

Parliamentary coup in Venezuela

MEPs will again debate the appalling situation in Venezuela after the internationally recognised President, Juan Guaidó, was blocked from entering the national assembly by the embattled Government of Nicolas Maduro, who then installed their own head of congress. We condemn the steps taken by the Maduro regime to frustrate the democratic process and continue to underline our support for the democratically elected Guaidó and his efforts to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00




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