The week ahead 14th – 18th October 2013

14th – 18th October 2013. Strasbourg seat. Women on Boards. Recovery and Resolution of non-bank institutions. Conference on demographic challenges. Viva Belarus.

Strasbourg seat

A report by ECR MEP Ashley Fox calling for EU treaty changes in order to scrap the parliament’s ‘travelling circus’ is set to be adopted by the Constitutional Affairs committee.

The report aims to end the wasteful two-seat system, which sees parliamentary sittings shuttling back and forth between Belgium and France on a monthly basis.

Contact: John Furbisher

Vote: Monday @ 16.30
Press Conference: Tuesday @ 10.30 in room A5G2

Women on Boards

The Women’s Rights and Legal Affairs committees will vote on whether listed companies in the EU should put in place quotas to ensure that, by 2020, at least 40 percent of non-executive board members are women. ECR Women’s spokesman Marina Yannakoudakis MEP supports measures by businesses to encourage more women in the boardroom, but she believe that EU-wide quotas risk accusations of tokenism that will undermine women in the workplace.

Contact: John Furbisher

Vote: Monday @ 15.30

Recovery and Resolution of non-bank institutions

ECR MEP Kay Swinburne’s report on the recovery and resolution of non-banking critical market infrastructure is set to be adopted by the economics committee. The report focuses on Central Counterparties and Central Securities Depositories, whilst acknowledging other non-bank financial institutions including insurance undertakings, asset managers and payment systems.

The financial crisis has shown the interconnectedness of the global financial system where the failure in risk management processes within any large player in the market has the potential to spread via a contagion effect. As part of global efforts to make the financial system more resilient it is necessary for all market participants to have a better understanding of how their business will function, or be wound down in an orderly fashion under stressed circumstances.

Contact: John Furbisher

Vote: Thursday @ 09.00

Conference on demographic challenges

ECR MEP Pawel Kowal will host a hearing on Demography Challenges in Europe. The meeting will hear from experts in demographic challenges in Central and Eastern Europe, Latvia and Germany, as well as Anatoliy Kinakh, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Evelyn Mahon from Trinity College, Ireland and Bartosz Marczuk from the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Contact: James Holtum

Hearing: Tuesday from 09.00 in room A5E2

Viva Belarus

ECR MEP Marek Migalski will screen the movie “Viva Belarus!”, a film inspired by the story of Frank Viachorka, activist of the Belorussian opposition. It stars top Belorussian cinema and rock stars

Contact: James Holtum

Tuesday @ 18.30 in room A5E2

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