The Week Ahead - 14th - 18th September

State of the Union Speech by the President of the European Commission; Preparation of the Special European Council, focusing on the dangerous escalation and the role of Turkey in the Easter Mediterranean; Joint debates on Tuesday and Resolutions on Thursday; Shortage of Medicines - how to address an emerging problem; & Debate on the current situation in the refugee camp in Moria

State of the Union Speech by the President of the European Commission

The ECR Group is looking with great interest to the address from Commission President von der Leyen on the State of the European Union on Wednesday morning. The ECR believes that the legislative should now focus on Europe’s economic recovery. However, the European Conservatives and Reformists have always stated that the current health crisis should not be exploited as an opportunity to establish an even more centralised Europe. The ECR opposes centralist Brussels impositions, and believes that the EU should be more flexible and respectful of the prerogatives of the different countries.

The ECR believes all proposals should be subject to a “recovery test” to be included into the EU’s Recovery Programme, to lighten the burdens on businesses and societies. The ECR also asks Mrs Von der Leyen to express the Commission’s commitment to sensible and practical measures for the European citizens such as: creating jobs, safeguarding citizens and borders, respecting the rights and sovereignty of Member States, developing a competitive and sustainable economy, improving the Union’s efficiency and effectiveness and - last but not least - improving cooperation with global partners.

Debate: Wednesday @ 9 am

Joint debates on Tuesday and Resolutions on Thursday

Also on Tuesday morning, foreign affairs issues will be discussed in the presence of the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. A vote will take place for the resolutions on Thursday.

1) Situation in Belarus

The ECR calls the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to stop violence against the Belarusian people, to release all political prisoners and to step down immediately. We also call on the EU to impose personal sanctions against members of the regime and warn against direct involvement of Russia. Negotiations must take place immediately, leading to truly free elections, recognising the will of the people of Belarus.

2) The Situation in Russia with respect to the poisoning of Alexei Nawalny

The ECR calls for a complete & transparent investigation by international institutions into the poisoning of Alexei Navalny. We condemn Russian attempts to assassinate political opposition figures and violations of
international law made by Russia. We are calling for transparency on Russia’s Novichok program and ask the EU to seek cooperation with international authorities and to support NATO’s position which asks Russia for compliance and transparency.

Joint Debate: Tuesday @ 9.15 am

Votes: Thursday @ 9.30 am

Shortage of Medicines - how to address an emerging problem

On Wednesday and Thursday, votes will take place on an own Initiative report (INI) that underlines the need for an increased EU response to a possible shortage of medicines, especially as the problem has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic with a direct negative impact on patients’ health, safety and the continuation of treatment. In light of the continuing COVID-19 crisis, ensuring sustainable and affordable active pharmaceutical substances and drug production must be a strategic priority for all Member States.

Votes: Wednesday @ 1 pm and Thursday @ 9.30 am

Debate on the current situation in the refugee camp in Moria

On Thursday, the European Parliament will react to statements on the current situation in the refugee camp in Moria made by the Council and Commission. For the ECR Group, the situation in Moria shows that many member states have been left alone in managing the flows of migrants. The ECR also sees a need to defend external borders against uncontrolled immigration.

Debate: Thursday @ 8.45 am

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