The Week Ahead: 16th - 20th September

MEPs will be in Strasbourg next week where they will debate the latest Brexit developments, vote on the appointment of Christine Lagarde as the next President of the European Central Bank and continue their discussions on electoral interference and disinformation. There will also be a series of foreign affairs debates, including on the forest fires in the Amazon and the situation in both Hong Kong and Burkina Faso. Read on for more details.

Brexit debate

On Wednesday MEPs will hold a debate and vote on a resolution detailing the latest developments regarding the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Debate: Wednesday @ 9:00, vote: Wednesday @ 12:00

Vote on Lagarde’s nomination for ECB President

Christine Lagarde’s appointment as President of the European Central bank will be subject to a vote in Parliament on Tuesday. She was nominated as part of the package of EU leadership posts in July, and if approved would take up the position on 1st November.

Debate: Tuesday @ 10:00, vote @ 12:00

Foreign electoral interference and disinformation

The continued threat of electoral interference from foreign state and non-state actors will be considered again next week by MEPs. They will debate and vote on a resolution that looks at issues to date, and in particular the European elections in May, and what still needs to be done at a national and European level to better protect our elections and democratic processes from outside threats. The ECR Group has contributed extensively to the discussion around countering propaganda and disinformation at the European level, holding the position of Standing Rapporteur on Strategic Communications in the last term and spearheading two reports adopted adopted by the Parliament.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Debate on the Amazon forest fires

MEPs will debate the ongoing situation in the Amazon where thousands of fires have ravaged huge parts of the rainforest in Brazil and neighbouring countries.

When: Tuesday @ 15:00

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