The Week Ahead 21st - 25th January 2019

Parliament's committees are meeting this week and our ECR MEPs will be working on improving animal welfare in transport, closing loopholes in our criminal databases, liberalising bus and coach travel in the EU, tackling propaganda and also signing off the EU-Singapore trade agreement. Read on for more details.

Improving animal welfare

A report reviewing the implementation of EU legislation on animal welfare during transport will be voted by the Agriculture Committee on Monday. ECR Danish MEP Jørn Dohrmann is parliament’s rapporteur on the report which finds that data collection varies wildly between Member States, that there needs to be a stronger link between CAP payments and animal welfare and that the transport of live animals to third countries should be banned if their standards do not match the EU’s as a minimum.

When: Wednesday @ 16:00

Closing a criminal records loophole

The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) allows judicial authorities across the EU to quickly share details of offenders. However, it remains difficult to access information on the criminal records of third country nationals. Following an agreement reached between Parliament and Council, which was guided through by ECR MEP Dan Dalton, new legislation will be introduced to create a separate database in order to close this loophole.

When: Wednesday @ 11:45

Moving towards to liberalising the bus and coach travel

Giving consumers greater choice and boosting competition are the key aims of new legislation that aim at further liberalising the bus and coach market in Europe. ECR Latvian MEP Robertz Zile is steering the proposals through parliament that aim to open domestic markets to competition – currently only international journeys are open to new entrants.

When: Tuesday @ 9:00

Tackling strategic propaganda

The Foreign Affairs Committee will on Tuesday vote on a report that takes stock of the Strategic Communications policy of the EU’s External Action Service as it aims to help tackle strategic propaganda originating from third countries. ECR MEP Anna Fotyga, who chairs Parliament’s Security and Defence sub-Committee, is rapporteur on the report which underlines the important role of an independent media as the best safeguard against disinformation and calls for a robust legal framework in order to better respond to hybrid threats. The report also focuses on social media and its potential role both in spreading and countering false information and recommends that the EU should support civil society, private institutions, academia and the wider media in further enhancing measures aimed at exposing propaganda.

When: Tuesday @ 9:00

EU-Singapore Trade Deal

Members of the International Trade Committee are expected to give the green light to the EU-Singapore Trade Agreement. ECR Group co-Chair, Syed Kamall, believes the deal is a huge opportunity for businesses which will see the EU eliminate tariffs on all imports from Singapore, who will in turn grant immediate duty-free access for all imports from the EU.

When: Thursday @ 10:00

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