The week ahead 23rd-27th November 2015

23rd-27th November 2015. Terrorism. Valletta Summit and G20 meeting. Taxation. 2016 Budget. Steel.


The parliament will debate the Paris attacks and the EU’s response to the terror threat. ECR leader Syed Kamall will speak in the debate.

The parliament will also vote on a report by French MEP Rachida Dati looking at how Member States and the EU can prevent the radicalisation and recruitment of EU citizens. The reports of the culture and foreign affairs committees had ECR Group Rapporteurs: Angel Dzhambazki and Charles Tannock. The report highlights the need for both legislative action, such as the adoption of Timothy Kirkhope’s EU-PNR report, the need for increased sharing of information across borders, as well as preventing radicalisation in prisons and online.

Paris attacks debate: Wednesday from 08.30
Vote on radicalisation report: Wednesday lunchtime

Valletta Summit and G20 meeting

The parliament will debate the outcome of the Valletta Summit held between the EU and African leaders on the migration crisis. ECR home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope will speak in the debate. He criticised the summit for failing to conclude a readmission agreement for economic migrants.

Debate: Wednesday afternoon


The parliament will vote on a report setting out recommendations to combat aggressive corporate tax planning, stemming from a special committee created to look into the issue. ECR spokesman on the committee, Morten Messerschmidt, has argued repeatedly that greater transparency is the best solution to the recent anti-competitive behaviour of some companies, but

he is against an agenda

of EU tax harmonisation that would be detrimental to the EU’s competitiveness.

Vote: Wednesday lunchtime

2016 Budget

The parliament will vote on the agreement reached with EU governments on the 2016 budget. The agreement would see payments increase by 1.8 percent but the commitments increase by 6.7 percent. ECR budgets coordinator Bernd Kolmel cannot support the agreement, which fails to redeploy from wasteful budget lines to priority areas, and because the deal reached could continue to exacerbate the EU’s payments gap where commitments outstrip money available to pay them.

Vote: Wednesday


At the request of the ECR, the parliament will hear from the Council and Commission on the recent crisis affecting the steel sector, including measures that can be taken to tackle possible Chinese dumping, and to assist steel companies with the costs associated with certain environmental policy such as the ETS. Ashley Fox MEP will speak in the debate.
To read the Oral Question the ECR submitted to the parliament, click



Debate: Wednesday afternoon

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