The Week Ahead - 26 - 30 April 2021

Brexit Deal; Preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online (TCO); European Defence Fund (EDF); Russian hostile actions; Chemical residues in the Baltic Sea; 2019 Discharge / and EP approval of the EU budget; The need for EU action against repression in Bolivia #FreeAnez

Brexit Deal

On Tuesday, the European Parliament will debate and vote on its consent to the EU-U.K. Trade and Cooperation Agreement. MEPs will also debate and vote on a resolution assessing the agreement and the role of the EP in the process. The ECR Group welcomes that the agreement has been concluded just in time ahead of the end of the temporary application period on April 30. For the ECR Group, it is now high time to start a new chapter in EU-UK relations and rebuild trust. The Group favours a level playing field for open and fair competition and sustainable development, enhanced dialogue on the Northern Irish border, and fully supports an EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly. We also welcome close cooperation in the fields of security, foreign affairs and development.

Debate: Tuesday @ 9:00

Vote: Tuesday @ 13:00

Preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online (TCO)

ECR MEP Patryk Jaki’s report on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online will be debated on Wednesday evening and voted on Thursday. It will help counter the spread of extremist ideologies online by, i.e. ensuring that online platforms play a more active role in detecting terrorist content and that it can be removed within an hour. The new regulation will also ensure that national authorities and online platforms will be equipped to limit the harm caused by illegal content quickly. Everything that’s illegal offline will also be illegal online in the future.

Debate: Wednesday @ 20:30

Vote: Thursday @ 9:45

European Defence Fund (EDF)

On Thursday, MEPs will debate on ECR MEP’s Zdzisław Krasnodębski’s report on the European Defence Fund. The EDF, with an agreed budget of EUR 7.953 billion, will support collaborative actions and cross-border cooperation throughout the EU and ensure participation of defence industries of all sizes, including SMEs and mid-caps to strengthen defence supply and value chains, as well as to improve interoperability and reduce duplication of defence technologies used by armed forces of Member States.

Debate: Thursday @ 9:00

Vote: Thursday @ 9:45

Russian hostile actions

On Wednesday, the European Parliament is going to debate and vote on a resolution on four recent hostile actions carried out by Vladimir Putin’s Russia: The suppression of the opposition and the imprisonment of its leading figure Alexei Navalny, the military build-up on the Russian border to Ukraine, the Russian sabotage against the Vrbetice ammunition depot in the Czech Republic and the potential for energy blackmail policies through the projected Nord Stream II pipeline. For the ECR Group, the Russian policies are clearly and increasingly hostile towards Euro-Atlantic Security interests and must be firmly addressed.

Debate: Wednesday @ 15:00

Vote: Thursday @ 13:45

Chemical residues in the Baltic Sea

On Monday evening, MEPs will vote on a resolution on chemical residues in the Baltic Sea stemming from at least 50 000 tonnes of conventional and chemical weapons containing hazardous substances dumped in the Baltic Sea since the end of World War II. The residues pose a danger to human health by food contamination, severe burns and poisoning upon direct contact. It also impacts marine ecosystems and biodiversity, and the economic activities in the region. This resolution is the result of an ECR Initiative and calls for better monitoring and research on the issue and proposes appropriate solutions for pollution control and treatment. The resolution also asks for better cooperation at the regional, national and international levels, including its partnership with NATO.

Vote: Monday 18:30

2019 Discharge / and EP approval of the EU budget

On Tuesday afternoon, MEPs will debate on giving the final approval for the financial year of 2019 to the 52 EU institutions and agencies. 42 discharge reports have been written by the ECR MEPs Joachim Brudziński and Ryszard Czarnecki.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00

The need for EU action against repression in Bolivia #FreeAnez

On Monday, the ECR Eurolat Policy Group will hold its first online conference. It will focus on the current situation in Bolivia and the arbitrary and illegal detention of the former interim President of Bolivia, Ms. Jeanine Áñez, two of her former ministers, and several police and military officials under baseless accusations of terrorism, sedition, and conspiracy to carry out a coup d’état by the Bolivian authorities. South American speakers at the conference include Jorge Quiroga Ramírez, Former President of Bolivia and María Corina Machado, a prominent Venezuelan political dissident who served as an elected member of the National Assembly. Speaking on behalf of the ECR are Hermann Tertsch MEP, President ECR Eurolat Policy Group and Anna Fotyga MEP, Vice-President ECR Eurolat Policy Group.

When: Monday @ 18:00

Link: https://ecrgroup.eu/policy_group/ecr_eurolat

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuIMj7sXBD0

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