The week ahead 2nd - 6th December 2013

2nd - 6th December 2013. Banking Union/ Single Resolution Mechanism. Frontex sea search and rescue operations. European Investigation Order. Carpathian region. Diary of Anatol Liabedzka. Christian Heritage in European Politics.

Banking Union/ Single Resolution Mechanism

Parliament’s economics committee will vote on proposals to create a Eurozone arrangement for restructuring or winding down banks in the event of major difficulties. The next phase of the so-called Banking Union would see a single resolution authority empowered to make such decisions, with a single resolution fund to prevent taxpayers from having to bail out banks again. ECR shadow rapporteur Vicky Ford believes that common resolution mechanisms are a necessary step to shore up the eurozone’s banking system, but the vexed question of where the resolution mechanism’s funding will come from, has yet to be answered. She also wants to ensure that non-eurozone banks have sufficient safeguards in place to ensure their depositors are not required to bail in failing banks in the eurozone, to which they may have subsidiaries.

Contact: James Holtum

Vote: Thursday @ 09.40

Frontex sea search and rescue operations

The civil liberties committee will vote on new measures to beef up the role of the EU’s borders agency – Frontex – so that it plays a greater role in preventing tragedies in the Mediterranean. ECR justice and home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope believes that this approach is the right one.

Contact: John Furbisher

Vote: Thursday @ 10.30

European Investigation Order

The civil liberties committee will also vote on plans to improve cooperation between EU police authorities when investigating major crimes, under the so-called European Investigation Order. The investigative measures – based on the principle of mutual recognition of judicial decisions – include the hearing of witnesses, searches and seizures as well as, with additional safeguards, interceptions of telecommunications, observation, infiltration and monitoring of bank accounts. ECR justice and home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope supports the improvement that have been made to the proposals to introduce a number of safeguards, including the need for proportionality, a judicial check, and grounds for non-recognition or non-execution, as well as grounds for national security interests or immunities established in the executing state.

Contact: Press officer to contact: John Furbisher

Vote: Thursday @ 10.30

Carpathian region

Polish Member Tomasz Poreba will host a hearing on a macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian Region. Mr Poreba

wants to see a clear regional strategy for the region

, which runs from north to south across Central and Eastern Europe, across EU Member States and potential Members.

Contact: Katarzyna Ochman

Hearing: Tuesday @ 10.00 in European Parliament room A5E2

Diary of Anatol Liabedzka

Polish Member Michal Kaminski will host a book presentation of the diary of Anatol Liabedzka, entitled “108 Days and Nights in a KGB Dungeon.”

Contact: James Holtum

Presentation: Wednesday @ 10.00 in European Parliament room A5E2

Christian Heritage in European Politics

Dutch Member Peter Van Dalen will host a hearing on the ‘impact of Christian thinking on the European project’.

Contact: Maarten Van de Fliert on +31 498 984119

Hearing: Tuesday from 13.30 in European Parliaement room A5E2 (and in PHS1C047 from 15.30)

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