The Week Ahead in Strasbourg: 4th-8th July 2016

5 July 2016

The Week Ahead in Strasbourg: 4th-8th July 2016

4th-8th July 2016. European Council. Dutch and Slovak Presidencies. European Border Guard. Work Programme 2017. Combating Terror. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


The parliament will debate the results of the last EU summit, which focused on both migration and the UK referendum result.

ECR leader Syed Kamall (UK) will speak in the debate. He will also hold a press conference on Tuesday morning on this debate and the rest of the plenary agenda.

Debate: Tuesday from 08.30

Press conference: Tuesday @ 11.30 (also streamed on EBS and Periscope)


The Prime Minister of the Netherlands will address the parliament on the outcomes of his country’s time holding the EU’s rotating Presidency. Then the incoming Slovak Presidency will present its priorities with PM Fico addressing MEPs.

ECR Leader Syed Kamall will speak in both debates.

Dutch debate: Tuesday @ 08.30

Slovak debate: Wednesday @ 09.00


The parliament will vote on the creation of the new FRONTEX Border and Coast Guard. This updated mandate will give FRONTEX more power and resources to take decisive action to help Member States better control flows of migrants at the EU’s external Borders. ECR Shadow rapporteur Helga Stevens (BE) wants to see FRONTEX take a greater role in assisting in returns and readmission, and ensure that decision making powers regarding urgent action by FRONTEX in Member States should be in the hands of Council rather than the Commission, which is reflected in the agreement reached.

Vote in plenary: Wednesday @ 12.30


The parliament will debate and adopt a resolution on what it wants to see in the European Commission Work Programme for 2017. The ECR Group has submitted its ideas for the commission here:


Vicky Ford MEP (UK) has been coordinating the ECR’s proposals.

Debate: Wednesday


The home affairs committee will vote on updating the existing EU Framework on combatting terrorism. The proposal seeks to establish minimum rules on the definition of terrorist offences related to a terrorist group or terrorist activities and penalties in this area. It also provides specific measures on the protection, support and assistance to the victims of terrorism. ECR Shadow Rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope has been a strong supporter of updating these rules in order to address modern challenges such as foreign fighters, radicalisation online, and the need for cooperation between law enforcement authorities and internet service providers.

Vote: Monday evening

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762


The parliament will vote on a report drafted by MEP Helga Stevens (BE) on the implementation of the UN Convention. She recently recorded a video setting out some of the key issues in the review:


Vote: Thursday @ 12,00

Press conference: Wednesday @ 15.30




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