Tošenovský: Binding targets in the Energy Union report undermine the whole concept

The EP adopted its stance on the Energy Union.

The EP adopted its stance on the Energy Union. A well-balanced compromise was originally drafted at the ITRE Committee level by Marek Gróbarczyk MEP and it was taken over by Czech MEP Evžen Tošenovský after Mr Gróbarczyk had become a minister in the new Polish government. However, the binding energy efficiency targets added right before the vote in plenary made it impossible for the ECR Group to support it.

Mr Tošenovský said:

“Much to my regret, a balanced Marek Gróbarczyk’s report which was supposed to link up the interests of the EU member states has turned into a unrealistic and unmanageable scenario for some of them. The 40% binding targets for energy efficiency are clearly unacceptable for the vast majority of member states as it would put them under an enormous pressure. The narrow majority of MEPs decided once again to ignore the reality in the energy sector and push them into a dead end.”

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