Two Vox politicians attacked

Open Letter from the leader of the Spanish Delegation in the ECR Group to the Members of the European Parliament.

The letter reads:

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday evening, our party’s candidate for the next regional elections in Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, and VOX MP representing the Spanish province of Almería, Rocío de Meer, were brutally attacked while visiting the Raval neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona, forcing them to take refuge in a nearby hotel.

Dozens of radical separatists and far-left radicals perpetrated the attack, throwing stones, eggs, bottles, bleach and smoke cans. This disgusting event adds to the long campaign of harassment towards my party due to the ‘anti-fascist’ alerts declared by Pablo Iglesias, Vice President of the Spanish Government, and to misinformation and systematic demonization of my party from the main Spanish media networks.

Moreover, neither the Spanish PM nor the President of the Spanish Congress condemn this kind of actions and are thus creating the perfect breeding ground for the worst elements of radical activism and agitators, who now feel the benefit of impunity to carry out this type of actions of true street terrorism.

The forces promoting chaos, either at VOX events in Spain, on the streets of Paris or London, or in several large cities in the US, do not scare us but motivates us to continue defending our principles and values, if possible with greater conviction. Neither the political force I represent nor many other parties and patriotic movements who are now growing in Europe and in the West, are willing to accept this climate of terror and hatred fuelled and financed by irresponsible politicians, media and other powers. We will resist and we will win, because we are on the right side.

The violence unleashed yesterday against our national MPs is not accidental and much less spontaneous. Our visit to the Raval neighbourhood was requested by the residents, to share first-hand the growing insecurity and crime rates they suffer in the streets (drug trafficking, solicitation, illegal occupation of houses, robberies), and it wasn’t publicly announced, it was just communicated to the regional police who confirmed their presence. Who leaked to the street terrorists our visit to the neighbourhood?

VOX will have a strong representation in the regional parliament of Catalonia as the political forces attacking our nation and democracy, from separatists to the extreme left, know. This fact is reflected in the polls.

Our patriotic and common sense message is taking hold on Spanish society as it resonates with their real problems, especially in the poorest and most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods like el Raval in Barcelona, where the left and globalism intend to turn into dunghills of chaos and crime with their crazy multicultural commitment.

We will continue to fight and we will win.

Kind regards,

Jorge BUXADÉ VILLALBA, MEP and Head of the Spanish Delegation in the ECR Group

Recordings of the event can be consulted HERE, HERE and HERE

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