Week Ahead 14 - 18 June 2021

New Chair for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs; Rebuilding fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea; ECR EuroLat Summit 2021.

New Chair for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

On Monday, the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs will vote on the appointment of a new chair.

Vote: Monday @ 13:45

Rebuilding fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea

On Wednesday, the Committee on Fisheries will vote on the assessment of rebuilding fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea. The report by ECR rapporteur Raffaele Stancanelli focuses on the importance of protecting the fishery sector and related activities, taking into account socio-economic aspects. The ECR Group is of the opinion that the difficult situation in the Mediterranean Sea must be acknowledged. Management of fisheries stocks should be improved by involving all stakeholders. The sustainability of the marine environment and fish stocks can be achieved only through the sustainable use of resources and not by prohibiting any fishery activity.

Additionally, the report recognises that EU fishermen often face dangerous situations because third countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea don’t respect international agreements.

Vote: Wednesday @ 13:45

ECR Eurolat Summit 2021

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the ECR Group will host its first ECR Eurolat Summit. The event will focus on ‘A new beginning for the Euro-Iberoamerican relationship’, ‘A chance to improve lives and freedom across two continents’, ‘EU Trade Agreements with Latin America and the Caribbean: a tool to end oppressive regimes’ and ‘EU and Latin America main enemy: the Narco regimes’.

The summit is the first major democratic, conservative and anti-communist Ibero-American political forum within the European Parliament and marks the beginning of a long-term political initiative aiming to put and end to the paralysis on political cooperation with Latin America.

More information on the programme and speakers is available here.

When: Tuesday @ 17:00 CET, Wednesday @ 18:00 CET & Thursday @ 16:00 CET

Broadcast live on the ECR Group’s YouTube channel.

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