Week Ahead: 14th - 17th January 2019

This week ECR MEPs will debate Brexit, present their vision for an EU that does less but better, support a multi-currency EU, defend freedom of religion around the world and protect science-based decision making on pesticides.

Brexit Debate

On Wednesday morning MEPs will debate the outcome of the vote the in House of Commons on the UK Withdrawal Agreement from the EU. ECR Group co-Chair Syed Kamall will speak during the debate.

Debate: Wednesday @ 8:30
Contact: Robert Taylor, robert.taylor@ep.europa.eu, +32 498 984 760

Future of Europe debate with Spanish PM

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will be in the parliament on Wednesday as MEPs continue their series of debates with EU leaders on the Future of Europe. The ECR Group will continue to present its vision for an EU that moves away from a federalised model, and instead looks to do less but do better in key areas such as border management, the migrant crisis, internal security and the single market, rather than seeking to replace national governments in all areas.

Debate: Wednesday @ 10:00
Contact: Jan Krelina, jan.krelina@ep.europa.eu, +32 493 214 346

A multi-currency EU - the 20th anniversary of the Euro

There will be a formal sitting on Wednesday to mark 20 years since the adoption of the euro. ECR Group members will be reflecting on where the Euro project went awry and why it has be so divisive, whilst, underscoring that the EU has more than one currency and that any future measures to further deepen economic and monetary union must not be forced on those countries who are not in the Euro.

When: Tuesday @ 11:30
Contact: Michael Strauss, michael.strauss@ep.europa.eu, +32 470 882 348

Freedom of religion

A report on the mandate of the EU’s Special Envoy on the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU will be voted by the parliament on Tuesday. ECR Group members have been at the forefront of efforts to help those people who are persecuted for their faith or religious beliefs – people should be able to practice their faith in public or private without fear of persecution or discrimination.

Debate: Monday @ 17:00. Vote, Tuesday @ 12:00
Contact: Gareth Goldsmith, gareth.goldsmith@ep.europa.eu, +32 476 668 050

Special Committee on Pesticides

The ECR Group will submit a series of amendments to the report by the European Parliament’s Special Committee on the Authorisation of Pesticides. ECR shadow rapporteur Anthea McIntyre believes the report undermines the principle of science-based decision making and runs counter to much of the evidence gathered by the committee, which demonstrated that the present pesticide authorisation system is largely effective and strikes the right balance between food production, protecting the environment and safeguarding consumers. ECR MEPs will attempt to remove calls for an immediate re-evaluation of the licence granted to Glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed killer.

Debate: Monday 5pm, vote: Wednesday @ 17:00
Press officer to contact: Robert Taylor, robert.taylor@ep.europa.eu, +32 498 984 760

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