Week Ahead 19 - 25 February 2024

Sham elections in Belarus

The ECR Group points out that the sham plebiscite organised by the dictator Lukashenka on Sunday 25 February does not meet any democratic standards. There are no independent candidates or real competition. Instead, only people loyal to Lukashenko’s Russian-backed repressive regime will be on the ballot. Those who oppose him are jailed, persecuted or fearing imprisonment have left the country, repelled of citizenship.

“We stand firmly with the people of Belarus, who expressed their will in 2020 choosing Sviatlana Tshihanouyska? as their leader. Usurper Lukashenka with this sham plebiscite tries to legitimize his regime. But with blood of peaceful Belarusian people on his hands he has no future. The future belongs to Belarusians in the family of free and democratic nations of Europe. That’s the choice the Belarusians have made and that’s their destiny”, said ECR Foreign Affairs Coordinator Anna Fotyga.

When: Sunday 25 February

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