Week ahead 20 - 24 March 2023

ECB President Christine Lagarde in the ECON Committee; EU summit; Event: Euro 7: opportunity or threat?

ECB President Christine Lagarde in the ECON Committee

On Monday, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will question Christine Lagarde in two separate hearings. In her capacity as President of the European Central Bank, she will discuss with MEPs the quantitative tightening in the euro area and the outlook for monetary policy. In her capacity as Chair of the European Systemic Risk Board, she will discuss vulnerabilities in the EU financial system and the commercial real estate sector in the European Economic Area.

When: Monday @ 15:00 and 17:00

Where: SPAAK P1A002

EU summit

On Wednesday and Thursday, EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss current challenges facing the Union. There are a number of issues that the ECR Group considers vital to address. Firstly, as Russia’s illegal war of aggression continues to rage on the EU’s doorstep, it is the Union’s duty to step up its support for Ukraine. Ukraine’s ability to defend itself and Europe as a whole depends to a large extent on the military assistance that the EU must provide. Secondly, in the context of the Union’s green ambitions, it is essential to ensure that Europe’s former dependence on Russian energy sources is not transferred to other actors, such as China. Thirdly, an economic conflict with the US must be avoided. Lastly, the failure of the EU’s immigration policy has highlighted the need for concrete, workable solutions.

When: Wednesday and Thursday

Event: Euro 7: opportunity or threat?

On Tuesday, ECR environment coordinator Alexandr Vondra will host a public hearing on the Euro 7 emissions standard proposal. Attendees include experts from environmental NGOs; transport trade unions; and the automotive industry, who will gather to debate the economic, technical, environmental, and social aspects of Euro 7. The proposal, which is part of the European Commission’s Green Deal, aims to develop stricter emissions standards for all petrol and diesel cars, vans, lorries and buses. It will likely be the final air quality regulation for petrol and diesel cars before the shift to zero-emission vehicles in 2035. As Euro 7 covers brakes and tyres emissions, it has an impact on EVs too. The ECR Group is of the opinion that the proposal should be softened and its entry into force postponed. The ECR Group can only support a proposal which is realistic, feasible, and does not compromise affordable individual mobility in Europe.

When: Tuesday @ 9:00 - 12:00

Where: SPAAK 6B1

A link to the event can be found here

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