Week ahead: 21st – 25th September 2015

Asylum relocation

The parliament’s civil liberties committee will debate recent commission proposals for a permanent relocation mechanism for asylum seekers within the EU, as well as a common list of safe countries. ECR home affairs spokesman will be the parliament’s rapporteur on the relocation mechanism. He wants a mechanism that encourages countries to help each other deal with the large number of asylum seekers entering Europe, as well as assisting the most vulnerable people in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

The meeting will precede an EU summit on the temporary mechanism for relocation of 120,000 asylum seekers.

Debate: Tuesday
Summit: Wednesday

Mario Draghi

The President of the ECB will meet with the economics committee. ECR Vice-President Notis Marias will ask him questions on behalf of the ECR.

Meeting: Wednesday

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