Week Ahead: 3rd - 7th December 2018

This week in the European Parliament, ECR MEPs fight to protect animal welfare in transport, encourage science-based decision making on pesticide approval in the EU, discuss rising tensions on the Sea of Azov with the government of Ukraine, and more.

Improving animal welfare

The welfare of animals when they are transported within and outside the EU will be debated by the Agriculture Committee on Monday when ECR MEP Jørn Dohrmann presents his draft report on the implementation of EU legislation in this area. His report finds that data collection varies wildly between Member States, there needs to be a stronger link between CAP payments and animal welfare and that the transport of live animals to third countries should be banned if their standards do not match the EU’s as a minimum.

MEPs to discuss Sea of Azov tensions with Ukrainian Government

The rising tensions in the sea of Azov following last weekend’s events that saw Russia fire on and seize three Ukrainian Navy vessels, will be discussed during a joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Security and Defence sub-committee (SEDE). Representatives from the Ukrainian Government and the EEAS will be present to discuss the latest developments. Anna Fotyga who chairs the SEDE Committee, has condemned Russia’s recent and continuing aggressive posturing in the Sea of Azov which is a further testament of their openly belligerent approach to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, international law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

EU Visa Code

Updates to the visa code for short stays within the Schengen area will be voted by the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. While facilitating better access to the EU for business travellers and tourists, the ECR Group have been keen to ensure that third countries who stand to benefit from the scheme are at the same time incentivised to cooperate with the readmission of irregular migrants returned from the EU.

Special Committee on Pesticides

Members of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on the Authorisation of Pesticides – formed following the debate over the weed killer Glyphosate – will vote on its draft report. ECR Group shadow rapporteur Anthea McIntyre opposes many of the proposals, which undermine the principle of science-based decision making. They also run counter to much of the evidence gathered by the committee, which demonstrated that the present authorisation system is largely effective and strikes the right balance between food production, protecting the environment and safeguarding consumers.

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