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Increasing diversity in the European Parliament

The ECR Group has been the most vocal group of all when it comes to highlighting that all Member States are equal, no matter how big or small, new or old. We believe that diversity of thoughts, views, and background are essential in order to make laws and decisions that best reflect the opinions of the 500 million EU citizens we represent.

Therefore, a diverse European Parliament is essential. Whilst the representation of women has increased in the last few years (although there is still some way to go), the European Parliament and its institutions in general possess what ECR Group Chairman Syed Kamall MEP, described as a “shocking” lack of racial diversity.

The motto of the European Parliament is United in Diversity, and it is time that the EU lived up to that promise. Therefore, the ECR Group has been working with other politicians, civil society, and communities across the EU to bring much needed attention to this issue, and bring about change.

DID YOU KNOW?Did you know?

The ECR believes that this is not an issue that can be addressed properly through quotas and statistics alone, but rather through the EU institutions looking at their recruitment procedure. This includes enhancing engagement with recruiters, agencies, universities, and different communities, in order to encourage EU citizens of all backgrounds and ethnicities to apply to work in European politics and its institutions.

As the first non-white Group leader in the European Parliament - ECR Group Chairman Syed Kamall MEP is committed to drawing much needed attention to this issue. He has held a conference in London to talk about black, ethnic and minority issues and come forward with key recommendations and practical solutions.

The ECR has also continued to raise this important issue in the Parliament’s plenary sessions, with the press both in Brussels and internationally, and with interest groups, the European Commission and other political groups.




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