30 Years after the collapse of communism: Central European legacy

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, ECR MEP Alexandr Vondra on Tuesday 12 November will be hosting an event on "30 Years after the Collapse of Communism. Central European Legacy".

The event will start with a conference on the events and fight for freedom in 1989 with speakers such as former the anti-regime activists Sasha Vondra, who has been imprisoned after having organised a demonstration in January 1989, Anna Fotyga who acted as Head of the Foreign Office of the Solidarity headquarters in Gdańsk from 1981,Sandra Kalniete who was one of the founders of the pro-independence movement in Latvia and whose parents had been deported to Siberia to do slave work, Janusz Lewandowski who was an economic adviser to the Solidarity anti-communist movement during the 1980s, and Tamás Deutsch who was arrested and condemned to expulsion from Czechoslovakia for criticising the regime.

The Conference will be followed by an opening of an exhibition.

Conference: PHS 7C50, Tuesday @ 16:00

Exhibition opening: ASP Balcony Area-1G @ 18:00

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