ECR Group Proposals on the Revision of the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making

8 April 2015

The ECR Group views the improvement of our regulatory environment as an essential element of the competitiveness agenda and as a significant contributor to maximising employment and growth in Europe. By encouraging more companies to locate in Europe and not out-source, an effective, competitive regulatory environment contributes to improved social and environmental conditions, while providing an economic benefit not just in numerical terms, but also through positive spill-over effects such as increased innovation.

It is important for the ECR Group that the existing IIA on Better Law-making be revisited in
order to modernise the ground rules which govern how the Institutions act. The ECR Group
underlines that this should not just be an exercise in codification but a forward-looking
initiative which reflects the ambition and shared responsibility of the Institutions. In this
respect it must address how to improve how laws and measures are proposed, agreed,
implemented and reviewed when they originate at the European level.

The ECR Group would therefore endorse a two-track approach, which both looks to bring up
to date the practical and operative clauses in the existing IIA with current practice, including
reflecting other agreements made between individual institutions and demands made by
the Parliament in recent resolutions and reports1; but more importantly aims to reflect the
political drive towards creating a competitive regulatory environment in the EU, covering in
particular the following fields:

1. better regulation

2. role of subsidiarity and proportionality; and

3. transposition, implementation and review.



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