European Conservatives & Reformists

29 November 2021

Since our foundation in 2009, we have been working hard for an EU that gets back to basics to deliver common sense solutions with citizens in mind.

We believe that at the heart of every decision made by the EU should be a simple question: would it add value for hard-working taxpayers across the Union that cannot be achieved by their national democracies working alone? To achieve this, ECR MEPs focus their efforts on decentralisation, connecting people and business, promoting free and fair trade, and fostering a safe and secure Europe, among many other objectives.

Our efforts have delivered results, improving the lives of citizens across the EU every day, and we will continue promoting a wider agenda of long-term pan-European euro-realist reform. We will also carry on our hard work in securing a more flexible, open, and economically vibrant EU, offering citizens and taxpayers tangible benefits.

With your support and the continued efforts of our MEPs, we believe that an EU that respects the wishes of its citizens, spends taxpayers’ money responsibly, and respects the sovereignty of its national governments is an EU that can build a stronger future that better serves its citizens.



Prague Declaration 2009

22 November 2021

ECR Vademecum

15 November 2021



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