Proposals on Migration in the Mediterranean; Timothy Kirkhope MEP

18 May 2015

Controlled immigration and effective implementation of asylum procedures was one of the founding principles and priorities of the ECR Group. Much like a number of areas of EU policy making, asylum and migration is an area where reform and improvement in its implementation are needed, and the burdens placed upon some Member States addressed.

Much as is the case with the fight against terrorism and serious criminality we face a situation where it is essential that we build a model of European cooperation and response which is able to effectively deal with the challenges we face, but which crucially maintains the support of the European and national electorate and the support of all of its Member States.

It is crucial that whatever actions are taken over the next few months, they not only respond to the immediate and critical challenges the EU faces in the field of asylum and migration but that we are building practical, sustainable, and sensible solutions that address the long term need to prevent further loss of life in an attempt to claim asylum in the EU; that ensure sustainable levels of migration into the EU; that create effective community integration strategies; as well as ensuring effective border and internal security.



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