Connecting people & business

Connecting people & business

An EU which connects its citizens and its Member States, allowing them to live, work and travel without unnecessary obstacles and bureaucracy is an EU that is delivering value for money. The ECR Group is vitally aware that every penny that the EU spends, is money out of the pockets of tax payers. Therefore, the legislation we bring forward on transport, the single market, and consumer rights has to be effective and efficient, and offer something that national Government’s alone cannot achieve. The ECR Group believes that one of the best ways of improving the lives of EU citizens on a day-to-day basis, is to:

  • improve the basic infrastructure and accessibility of transport sectors,
  • reduce barriers within the Single market,
  • make it easier to buy and sell products within the EU,
  • and ensure that consumer rights are upheld across all Member States.

Connecting the EU’s railways

It was the ECR Group that championed high quality transport links as being fundamental for Europe’s economic activities and quality of life for citizens. Readily accessible and well-connected transport networks for both passenger and freight transport is at the heart of promoting economic, social, and territorial cohesion between Member states in the EU.

The ECR Group led the campaign to overcome these gaps, showing that increased connectivity of transport services would increase economic growth and employment opportunities for citizens and businesses across the EU. The ECR highlighted the need to boost the development of North-South transport corridors, such as the ‘Via Carpathia’ route and the ‘rail Baltica’ high speed railway line, connecting Baltic States with Central Europe, therefore, connecting all of Europe.

The ECR Group also led the way on opening the market for domestic rail passenger services to competition. Rail companies will now be able to offer new high quality, reliable, safe and efficient rail services on domestic lines. A more competitive environment for railways will mean more choice for passengers, leading to better quality rail services for consumers. Bon Voyage!

Improving the efficiency of cars

In 2015, news broke that Volkswagen had been installing emissions cheating defeat device software in millions of diesel vehicles sold worldwide. This scandal triggered an international call for the EU to and its Member States to take action. In response, the ECR Group steered a new law through the European Parliament which put in place important new rules to prevent this from happening again.

These new rules will be put in place across the whole EU, and will stop car manufacturers from cheating on safety and emissions testing. It will also give more powers to national governments to check if cars meet the appropriate standards, and set out financial penalties for car manufacturers who break the rules. The new EU rules will also make sure that when motorists buy cars from a dealership, they can trust that their cars will perform as advertised.

For independent garages and repairers, the ECR Group championed new opportunities for them, by opening up the flow of information from car manufacturers, so that they are able to repair new generations of vehicles which are increasingly controlled by computers. This keeps local businesses thriving and offers consumers more choice and lower prices when seeking car repairs. This is good news for the consumer, businesses and the environment!

The ECR Group has also written a number of policy papers on making the EU work better for businesses and how it can better stand up for you - the consumer, we would invite you to read our ideas in more detail and let us know what you think!




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