How to reform the Union for the future of Europe?

On Friday 3 December 2021, the ECR Group will host an international expert conference in Warsaw on the future of the European Union, entitled: "How to reform the Union for the future of Europe". Notable figures from academia will come together across three discussion panels, entitled: ‘How to properly define common European values, and how to work these values into the Treaties’, ‘How to reform the institutional system of the EU’ and ‘Change of the Treaty: How to transpose the proposed institutional form into a legal framework’.


Opening and introductory remarks @ 9:30 CET

  • ECR Co-Chairman Professor Ryszard Legutko

Panel I: How to properly define common European values? How to put these values down into the Treaties @ 9:45 CET

  • Professor David Engels, historian, Free University of Brussels/Institute for Western Affairs
  • Professor Renato Cristin, philosopher, University of Trieste
  • Max-Erwann Gastineau, essayist, journalist, Le Figaro
  • Moderator: Jacek Karnowski, journalist

Panel II: How to reform the institutional system of the EU @ 11:00 CET

  • Dr Justyna Schulz, economist, director of the Institute for Western Affairs
  • Professor Francisco José Contreras, Spanish MP, jurist, University of Seville
  • Joachim Imad, political scientist, director of the Fondation Res Publica
  • Professor Jacek Czaputowicz, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, political scientist, University of Warsaw
  • Professor Lucas Bergkamp, lawyer, Environment Strategy Council
  • Moderator: Antoni Opaliński, Polskie Radio

Panel III: Change of the Treaty: How to transpose the proposed institutional form into a legal framework @ 12:45 CET

  • Professor Przemysław Saganek, jurist, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Professor Genowefa Grabowska, jurist, Instytut De Republica
  • Professor Dietrich Murswiek, jurist, University of Freiburg
  • Professor Magdalena Bainczyk, jurist, Institute for Western Affairs
  • Moderator: Bronisław Wildstein, author, columnist

Conclusions @ 14:00 CET

  • Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski, Chairman of the ECR Working Group on Institutional Reform

The event will be web streamed with live interpretations in English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, German and French on the ECR Group YouTube channel.

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