State of the Union Speech by the President of the European Commission

The ECR Group is looking with great interest to the address from Commission President von der Leyen on the State of the European Union on Wednesday morning. The ECR believes that the legislative should now focus on Europe’s economic recovery. However, the European Conservatives and Reformists have always stated that the current health crisis should not be exploited as an opportunity to establish an even more centralised Europe. The ECR opposes centralist Brussels impositions, and believes that the EU should be more flexible and respectful of the prerogatives of the different countries.

The ECR believes all proposals should be subject to a “recovery test” to be included into the EU’s Recovery Programme, to lighten the burdens on businesses and societies. The ECR also asks Mrs Von der Leyen to express the Commission’s commitment to sensible and practical measures for the European citizens such as: creating jobs, safeguarding citizens and borders, respecting the rights and sovereignty of Member States, developing a competitive and sustainable economy, improving the Union’s efficiency and effectiveness and - last but not least - improving cooperation with global partners.

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