European Defence Cooperation Conference

This conference will address the current intentions of the European Commission with respect to defence (materiel) cooperation. Are these plans effective to reach the goal of improved cooperation, a more effective defence industry and better involvement of SMEs throughout the Union? What could be negative effects of these policies and how could these be mitigated. Result of the roundtable will be a set of recommendations to the European Commission and the European Parliament to support or amend the Policies.


The conference is hosted by Marek Jurek MEP.

With the participation of:

  • Vice-Admiral RNLN Dr. Ir. Arie-Jan de Waard – Director Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), The Netherlands
  • Prof. Dr. Julian Lindley-French – a leading advisor, strategist, and author on foreign- and military affairs, United Kingdom
  • Antoni Pieńkos Ph.D. – director of the analysis division at the Warsaw Institute of Strategic Initiatives, Poland

Registration until 28.01.2019 via marek.jurek-office@europarl.europa.eu

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