Event: Belarus Cross-Party Forum 8+100

On Wednesday morning, ECR MEP Anna Fotyga will join MEPs from S&D, EPP and Greens/EFA in hosting a cross party forum tasked with discussing and agreeing upon a common strategy towards a democratic Belarus.

The main goal of the “8+100” Forum is to coordinate the efforts of the political parties of Belarus and Europe to return Belarus to democracy and integrate it into the Euro-Atlantic community. The issue of political prisoners will also be raised during the discussion.

Three panel discussions are planned, where the key challenges for the community of European democratic countries and Belarus, the risks for its independence, as well as the prospects for the democratic Belarus and its integration into the Euro-Atlantic space will be examined.

Each discussion will provide a comprehensive analysis of the situation and generate proposals for a coordinated strategy and joint action plan.

The forum will take place in room ASP 3G3 from 9:30 - 12:30. Follow the forum live, here.


9.30 – 10.00 Opening of the Forum. Welcome speeches

Ms. Sviatlana TSIKHANOUSKAYA, Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus (Video address)

Ms. Roberta METSOLA, President of the European Parliament (Video address)

Mr. Juozas OLEKAS, D-BY Chair

Mr. Pedro MARQUES, Vice-President of S&D Group

Mr. Patrick VOLLER, External Relations Director at the EPP Headquarters (tbc)

Working panels (45 minutes per panel, 25 minutes for speeches and 20 minutes for discussion)

10.00 – 10.45 Political prisoners in Belarus: solidarity and release

Moderator: Ms. Miriam LEXMANN


  • Ms. Hanna KRAŬČANKA, “Razam”
  • Mr. Heidi HAUTALA (EP Vice-President for Sakharov network) (tbc),
  • Mr. Evgenij VILSKY, “Narodnaya Hramada”
  • Mr. Udo BULLMANN (DROI Chair)

Summary: Ms. Anna FOTYGA

10.45 – 11.30 Parliamentary and local “elections” as a new challenge and threat for the future of Belarus

Moderator: Ms. Isabel SANTOS


  • Ms. Nadia SAŁAŬJOVA, BNF
  • Mr. Andrius KUBILIUS (Euronest PA Co-President),
  • Mr. Jury HUBAREVIČ, ”Movement for Freedom”
  • Ms. Karin KALRSBRO (D-BY Vice-Chair),


11.30 – 12.15 Belarus integration into Euro-Atlantic structures: step by step but relentlessly

Moderator: Mr. Ryszard CZARNECKI (D-RU Chair) (tbc)


  • Mr. Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS,
  • Mr. Igar BARYSAU, BSDP
  • Ms. Hanna JAHORAVA; UCP

Summary: Mr. Anatol LIABEDZKA

12.15 - 12.20 Address by Mr. Giacomo FILIBECK, Secretary General of PES,

12.20 – 12.30 Summary of the Forum results by Mr. Juozas OLEKAS (D-BY Chair) and Mr. Anatol LIABEDZKA

Adoption of the Forum final Resolution

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