Rooted principles,stronger future-The heritage of St Benedict in the values of European conservatism

On Wednesday and Thursday, in Subiaco (Italy), a place of outstanding spiritual and cultural importance for Europe, ECR MEPs will hold the event "Rooted Principles, Stronger Future - The heritage of Saint Benedict in the Values of European Conservatism" to discuss and reaffirm the core values of their political family by signing a Charter of Values.

On Thursday 21 March, ECR delegates will also take part in local celebrations in honour of St Benedict of Nursia.

St Benedict played a key role in preserving the classical tradition at a time when it was decaying, passing it on intact to posterity and restoring the cult of knowledge. He instructed the monks to combine prayer with work, including work in the scriptorium to copy and transcribe classical texts. In this way, the Benedictine monasteries became important centres for the education of young people and were instrumental in the rebirth of a linguistically, ethnically and culturally united Europe.

At a time when this very culture is being challenged by the increasing imposition of a “woke” ideology, the ECR Group will come together to reaffirm the importance of preserving the fundamental values that characterise our European thinking.

The event will be livestreamed at 10:00 on Thursday.

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