JANUSZ KRASIŃSKI. No more silence.

ECR MEP Prof Zdzisław Krasnodębski will open the exhibition ‘Janusz Krasiński. No more silence.’, in cooperation with the National Centre for Culture, Warsaw. The exhibition will be accompanied by a film screening of ‘A censored life’, a documentary on Janusz Krasiński by Director Joanna Żamojdo, followed by a debate.

The year 1945 marked no liberation for many countries from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, only the beginning of a new period of captivity. Janusz Krasiński was a writer and a prisoner of both Nazi German concentration camps and the communist security apparatus. His life story was defined by these two totalitarian regimes.

Opening of the exhibition

When: Wednesday @ 12:30

Where: Mezzanine Yehudi Menuhin, SPAAK 2nd floor

Film screening

When: Wednesday @ 17:30

Where: SPAAK 7C50

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