The Oligarch, Russian Links, War in Ukraine and the Future of Georgia

ECR foreign affairs coordinator Anna Fotyga will host an event aiming to expose the network of agents trying to keep Georgia under the influence of the Russkij Mir (“Russian world”).

It is vital that this problem is addressed. Georgia’s future lays within the transatlantic family. Panellists will include Ian Kelly, former U.S. State Department Spokesperson and Ambassador to the OSCE and Georgia; David Kramer, Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute and former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights & Labour; Thornike Gordzadze, Professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and the former Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia; participating virtually, Oleksyi Goncharenko; and MP Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and Mamuka “Ushangi” Mamulashvili, Commander of the “Georgian Legion” of the Ukraine Armed Forces. The event will be followed by a live-streamed debrief presented by MEP Anna Fotyga with panelists Ian Kelly, David Kramer and Thornike Gordzadze.

Where: ASP 1H1

You can watch the live-streamed debrief here, Tuesday at 16:00.

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