The positive role of hunters in protecting EU biodiversity

ECR MEPs Andrey Slabakov and Pietro Fiocchi host a discussion on the positive role of hunters in protecting biodiversity across the Union.

Often forgotten and stigmatised, hunters and fishermen play an indispensable role in safeguarding biodiversity. In particular, the event will focus on three pressing issues. Firstly, the total ban of the use of lead in wetlands. The definition of wetlands lacks clarity, definition and intelligibility and is contrary to general principles of EU law, in particular those of proportionality and legal certainty. It is also problematic for sports and economic activities, such as hunting and fishing. Secondly, the sharp increase in the wolf population, which has led to economic damage to local communities across the Member states. Thirdly, CITES (Convention International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which bans legal trophy hunting import and export, thus having a negative impact on both hunters and local communities in African countries.

Where: SPAAK 1A2

A live video link is available here.


Opening and welcome @ 9:30

  • MEP Andrey Slabakov
  • MEP Pietro Fiocchi

Intervention of National Ministers @ 9:40

  • Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Italy
  • Claudio Barbaro, Undersecretary of State of Ministry of Environment, Republic of Italy

The positive effect of hunting for protecting biodiversity @ 10:00

- Biodiversity and habitats: The role of hunters and the influence of the EU Common Agricultural Policy

  • David Scallan, Secretary General, FACE
  • Tiziano Terzi, President, Safari Club International Italian Chapter
  • Vasil Vasilev, President, Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria
  • Alessandro Fiumani, President, CPA, Italy

- Large carnivores and the need for sustainable management of their populations as a means of minimizing conflict with humans: The case for downgrading wolves from strictly protected species to protected species

  • Jörg Binder, Secretary General, Austrian Hunting Association
  • Paolo Sparvoli, President, ANLC, Italy
  • Ovidiu Ionescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen, Romania
  • Gerardo Arroyo, Representative of REFEC, Spain

The upcoming proposal for banning lead for hunting and fishing in the EU and the consequences of the ban of lead shot in wetlands - short and long-term effects, efficacy and the question of fairness @ 11:15

  • Ola Wälimaa, Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management
  • Stiliyan Geraskov, Expert in Union of Hunters and Anglers, Bulgaria
  • Giorgio Antonio Preti Moavero Milanesi, President ANLC Milano

The ban on imports of hunting trophies under the CITES system - short and long-term effects @ 11:40

  • Mekondjo Kaapanda-Girnus, Ambassador of Namibia to Belgium
  • David Scallan, Secretary General, FACE
  • Juan Magaz, Safari Club International

Closing remarks @ 12:00

  • Claudio Barbaro, Undersecretary of State of Ministry of Environment, Republic of Italy

Discussion @ 12:10

  • MEP Andrey Slabakov
  • MEP Pietro Fiocchi
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