“We are with you! Ми з Вами! Polish aid for Ukraine”

On Tuesday, ECR MEP Beata Mazurek together with Ryszard Terlecki, the Deputy Marshal of the Sejm will open a photo exhibition titled ‘We are with you! Ми з Вами! Polish aid for Ukraine’.

The exhibition consists of forty-two panels presenting photographs showing the varied efforts of the authorities of the Republic of Poland, as well as its ordinary citizens, to help Ukrainian men, women and children fleeing Russia’s brutal aggression. The title of the exhibition: “We are with you! ми з Вaми!” is a slogan that quickly became a symbol of solidarity between Polish citizens and the people of Ukraine, appearing on posters in the windows of homes throughout Poland. The exhibition will be presented in three languages - Polish, English and Ukrainian.

Where: WEISS 0, Flower’s Bar area

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