4 April 2022

The ECR Family & Life Policy Group | Margarita de la Pisa

Ideologies, such as gender ideology, deny biological and social reality and undermine citizens’ identities. Their mistaken ideas about liberty and dignity pit men against women, reducing their relationship to a bitter power struggle. This particularly affects women, families and life itself. As ECR Members we are all aware how these ideologies have completely infiltrated the European institutions. Against this background, we want to defend women against any form of manipulation. We want women to be free to seek fulfilment of their aspirations, according to their own desires and their own nature. This includes respecting motherhood. Only this gives women true dignity. At the same time, we want to return the value of the role of men, including their fatherhood. By returning to age-old values, by acknowledging biological and social reality and by redeeming the intrinsic value of women and men, we wish to strengthen the institution of the family, which is the cornerstone of society. And we wish to defend life, from its conception until its natural end.

12 March 2022

Stand with Ukraine

On the week starting 7 March, ECR MEPs speak out on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

1 March 2022

ECR Co-Chair Ryszard Legutko stands with Ukraine against the Russian threat

19 February 2022

Russia´s military threat against Ukraine

This week in the European Parliament, MEPs debated the ongoing crisis situation on the Russia-Ukraine border. Our message is clear: We must #StandWithUkraine. Firm and united.

16 February 2022

EU-Russia relations | ECR Co-Chairman Ryzsard Legutko

10 February 2022

Carbon Sinks & COP26