26 November 2020

MEP Joanna Kopcińska outlines a new pharmaceutical strategy for the European Union

Synergies between health policies depend on the respect for the competences of different actors. We must take horizontal actions, and consider proposals of member states who have a better knowledge of access to health.

26 November 2020

MEP Assita Kanko calls for EU to take action in response to Iran’s treatment of Ahmad Reza Jalali

I call upon the European Parliament President, on High Representative Borrell and EU Foreign Ministers to urge the Iranian authorities to review this decision, not to execute Dr. Jalali and agree to his release.

25 November 2020

MEP Beata Szydło on the European Rule of Law Mechanism

“The EU consists of 27 countries, 27 sensitivities, 27 nations, 27 economies. And our duty, given to us under Treaties and the principle idea on which the EU was built, obliges us to seek solidarity, taking into account the interests of all Member States and all Europeans, and to care for and to protect the interests of all EU residents.”

24 November 2020

MEP Geert Bourgeois says no to transnational voting lists

20 November 2020

ECR MEP Alexandr Vondra on the European Parliament’s carbon footprint

“While we are trying to reach a carbon neutral Europe, we must not ask others to do something & then not do it ourselves.” MEP Alexandr Vondra explains the European Parliament's study on its carbon footprint: https://bit.ly/2KsY3gy.

15 November 2020

2021 will turn a next page on the EU-US relationship